PRO-AM Rules

1. Organizers:
Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Krakow and Sportowy Klub Taneczny Pasja Kraków.

2. Venue:
Salt Mine „Wieliczka”, Daniłowicza 10 St., Wieliczka, Polska

3. PRO – dance instructor, competitive dancer, a person who teaches dancing professionally as a full time or half time job.

4. AMATEUR – a person who is not a professional dancer and/or teacher. Amateur can have a dance class, up to C

5. In all Pro Am categories and Showcases there are no age limits either for the Professional and Amateur.

6. The registration in the categories (dancing level) is recommended by the Teacher

7. The Competition will be held in Scholarship Latin (5 dances) and Standard (5 dances) categories on Sunday (13.12.2015r.) at 17:00.
In order to take part in the Scholarship Competition a couple is obliged to apply by sending email to:, along with the confirmation of payment of the Entry Fee.

8. The Teacher (PRO) can dance with not more than 2 Students (AM) in one style

9. The Student (AM) wears the starting number

10. Only online payment will be accepted (Akredytacja – Online)

11. The entry fee for the Scholarship International Competition is 200 zł per couple/style

12. The entry fee includes general admission to the Saturday Evening Gala for both, the Student (AM) and the Teacher (PRO)

13. There are no restrictions concerning PRO-AM routines.

14. The decision of the jury is final and not subjected to any further discussion and it will be based on the Student’s (AM) performance

15. Showcases are not submitted to a specific dance style.

16. There are no dress restrictions for the Showcases.

17. In order to take part in the Showcase a couple is obliged to apply via email to, sending the confirmation of payment of the Entry Fee along with the song that does not exceed 1 min. 45 sec.

18. The price of participation in the VIP Showcase (on Sunday) is 300 zł – for one showcase (1 min 45 sec) and 1000 Euro for the VIP Showcase during Saturday Evening Gala
20. The VIP Showcases will take place on Sunday 13.12.2015 at 15:15 and on Saturday during Saturday Evening Gala 12.12.2015

21. It is allowed for the Teacher (PRO) to dance any number of showcases

22. Salt Cup competition and showcases will be filmed and photographed. All participants will allow the organizer to use those materials for promotional purposes without any obligations.

23. Organizers shall not be liable for belongings, lost or left in the dressing rooms, in the hall, in hotel rooms as well as for any possible injuries suffered by contestants.

24. The Organizer holds a right to change the competition program without giving a reason.


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