1. Name of  event
Salt Cup 2015
Final Competition GPP Ekstraklasa FTS

2. Organizers
Sportowy Klub Taneczny Pasja Cracow, Arthur Murray Dance Studio

3. Date
12/13 December 2015

4. Venue
Wieliczka, Daniłowicza St., Wieliczka Salt Mine – Warszawa Chamber – 125 m underground

5. Dance floor size
21 m x 15 m

6. Organizing Director
Mateusz Woda, tel. 509 215 116, email:

7. Competitors – Dance categories/ Age Groups

WDSF Adults la
GPP League Adults st
GPP League Adults la
GPP League U21 st
GPP League U21 la
GPP League Youth st
GPP League  Youth la
GPP League 14-15 st
GPP League 14-15 la
10-11 open st
10-11 open la
PRO – AM scholarship international standard
PRO – AM scholarship international latin
Children cat. Recreation F,G,H

8. Jury and Scrutiny Commitee

A. Robert Wota – Chairman
B. Anthony Grycmacher Poland
C. Adam Zięciak Poland
D. Igor Henzely Czech Republic
E. Aneta Mikoś Poland
F. Jaroslaw Marzec Poland
G. Maciej Felzanowski Poland
H. Igor Gutovskyi Spain
I. Jarosław Marzec Poland

The other judges will be announced later.


1. Dorota Gołębiowska
2. Danuta Karasek

9. Couples’ Registrations Deadline
9 December 2015

10. Participation requirements

The competition is open for any dancing couple, that:
a) is registered with WDSF DanceSport system
b) holds a valid WDSF License
c) is registered or affiliated with a WDSF Member body

d) holds an Athlete License Books or another document with birth date


11. Entry fees,  admission tickets, other fees

The price of each ticket includes a mining elevator ride (entering and exiting the mine).

Due to the limited number of seats and the amount of oxygen in the mine – tickets for the Saturday Evening Gala are available only in pre-sales.


30 zł for each block
100 zł – Day ticket
100 zł – ticket to the Gala
200 zł – ticket to the Gala – numbered seats in the front row
500 zł – ticket to the Gala –  The best seats in the 1st row.  Dinner with Iwona Pavlovic, champion couples, judges and sponsors in the underground restaurant „Budryk” The best seats in the 1st row.  Dinner with Iwona Pavlovic, champion couples, judges and sponsors in the underground restaurant „Budryk”

30 zł for each block
60 zł – Day ticket – seats in the front row.

Entry fees for couples include a mining elevator ride (entering and exiting the mine)

FGH classes – 30 zł
10 -11 years old OPEN- 25 zł per person/Style – includes participation in the Gala.
GPP EKSTRAKLASA FTS and WDSF – 50 zł per person/style – with payment on the spot

If you pay online using PayPal
GPP League FTS and WDSF – 45 zł per person/style – the price includes general admission for Saturday Evening Gala (with champion couples showcase)

Entry fee paid by bank transfer or PayPal includes general admission for Saturday Evening Gala. Payment on the day of the competition does not offer such a possibility. (Does not apply to WDSF Latin couples, Amateur St. and 10-11 years old open)

No charge for video recording or taking pictures


12. Additional information

Saturday Evening Gala and some of the competitions will be hosted by Iwona Pavlović

The organizer provides:
– Trophies, medals for couples on the podium
– Financial rewards for couples:
– GPP League FTS – Adults
– Latin WDSF

Adults  ST – financial awards according to the regulamin Finału GPP Ekstraklasy FTS

13. Competition Schedule

Saturday 12.12.2015

godz. 10:00 GPP League FTS Under 21 Standard 10-11 years old. F


Up to 9 years old G + soloists


12-13 years old E


 GPP League FTS 14-15 Latin
godz.12:30 – 13:15 Preschoolers
godz. 13.45 GPP League FTS Youth Latin 10-12G + soloists

(Polka, WA,S,CCC,R&R or Jive)

godz. 14:45-15:30 Preschoolers
godz. 16:00 WDSF Adults Latin 10-11 Open Standard i Latin GPP League FTS Adults Standard
godz. 19:30 EVENING GALA 1/2 final WDSF​ Adults Latin GPP Final
League FTS
Adults Standard
Final 10-11 years old Open Latin Show Maurizio Vescovo i Andra Vaidilaite – 2nd at Professional Latin Championship

Nikita Brovko i Olga Urumova

Kosma – the finalist of Got Talent show!

Sunday 13.12.2015

godz. 9:30- 10:15 Preschoolers
godz. 10.45 GPP League FTS Under 21 Latin 10-11 years old H

(polka, WA, S, CCC, R&R or Jive)

Up to 7 years old H

(polka, WA, S, CCC, R&R)

godz. 12:00- 12:45 Preschoolers
godz. 13:15 GPP Ekstraklasa FTS Youth Standard 8-9 years old H

(polka, WA, S, CCC, R&R)

Up to 9 years old F


godz. 14:30 – 15:15 Preschoolers
godz. 15.15 VIP Showcase
godz. 17.00 10-11 years old E


12-15 years old H

(WA, CCC, Polka)

Scholarship International Standard and Latin GPP League FTS Adults Latin GPP League FTS 14-15 Standard

Before each block there will take place:
COUPLES’ REGISTRATION – one hour before the Tournament start time

PRACTICE TIME – approx. 30 min, before the Tournament start time


14. The tournament consists of:

GPP League Final FTS
Adults Latin WDSF

15. The organizer reserves the right to cancel competition in the category (with a prior notice) in case of an insufficient number of participants.

16. The Organizer has a right to introduce changes to the program

17. The Competitors come at their own expense. The organizer does not provide insurance for couples participating in the competition.

18. Organizers shall not be liable for belongings lost in the dressing rooms

19. Salt Cup competition and showcases will be filmed and photographed. All participants will allow the organizer to use those materials for promotional purposes without any obligations.

20. All issues that are not included in these rules shall be decided by the Organizing Director, in consultation with the i
n consultation with the Chairman


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